About Us

BlackStone was created by the City of Fort Worth to provide an exclusive panel of healthcare providers for the care and treatment of the employees who sustain on-the-job injuries while working for the City. BlackStone has contracted directly with healthcare providers who have been identified as those with expertise in treating occupational injuries and diseases.

How we can help

The goal of the City of Fort Worth, by creating BlackStone, is to improve the quality of health care benefits provided to the employees. These improvements include the efficiencies of the referral process from the treating physician to a specialist and for obtaining diagnostic, physical therapy, surgery and other services necessary to treat the on-the-job injury or illness.

City of Fort Worth injured workers are required to obtain treatment from BlackStone healthcare providers except in a medical emergency in which the employee may seek appropriate treatment from an emergency treatment facility. Preauthorization is required for certain medical services and the preauthorization list can be found here.

WellComp will provide BlackStone with medical case managers who will work closely with the injured worker, the treating physician(s) or other providers, the injured worker’s supervisor/manager, and the claims adjuster to assure a successful return to work or alternate duty program where medically prudent.

Political subdivisions [City of Fort Worth] are authorized by §504.053 of the Texas Labor Code to provide workers’ compensation medical benefits to injured workers by contracting directly with health care providers. BlackStone was created pursuant to Chapter 791 of the Texas Government Code to enhance the ability of the City of Fort Worth to contract directly with health care providers.

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